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Testing Laboratory, Inc.
Potable Water
Analysis offered
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It is recommended that
homeowners have their
well water tested every
year for
Total Coliform
Give us a call or drop by
the laboratory for a
sterilized container.

The cost is $40.00

For more information of
Bacteria in private drinking
water wells, click here.
According to the Surgeon General of the
United States, Radon is the second leading
cause of lung cancer within the USA.
Radon is a colorless, odorless, and
tasteless gas.  It comes from the natural
decay of Uranium found in the soil, rock,
and water.  This dangerous and life
threatening radioactive gas enters your
home by way of tiny cracks or holes in a
structures foundation.  The only way to
determine if Radon is entering your home
is done by testing.
NEETL is fully licensed
by the state of Rhode Island to perform
Radon testing.  

Homeowners should be aware of the potential
hazards when working on many weekend
projects, such as removing an old linoleum floor,
floor tiles, or any other material that may contain
NEETL offers asbestos analysis
on these materials.
The cost is $40 per sample.
Drop by the lab or call for more information.